The 6 best active tanks in 2021


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Tank tops have always been a staple of athletic wear, but they have evolved far beyond the old cut-out t-shirts and are now often made from high-tech materials that help keep you cool, dry. feel comfortable and give your best. . Whether it’s running for miles, doing a circuit workout, or practicing your sun salutation, tank tops are a great option that will keep you from feeling overly exposed while still allowing for maximum mobility. We’ve rounded up some of our favorites for each activity. Look below for some tips on what to look for, and take an in-depth look at each model.

How to choose a tank top

When deciding which tank top is right for you, your biggest concern should be what activities you plan to do in it. If you want a tank top for neighborhood walks, weekend yoga, and the occasional hike, you can opt for a cotton or rayon shirt. They’re super soft and comfortable to the touch, but they’ll hold water if you start to sweat too much. For more intense activities where you may start to sweat more, look for a shirt that is moisture-wicking and possibly breathable. This will keep you cool and help avoid any possible chafing.

Women will also want to consider the option of a built-in bra. They are great for low intensity workouts, but if you are looking for a tank top to wear while running, or for cardio or HIIT, you may want to consider a traditional tank top as your own sports bra will usually be more supportive.

How we choose our products

To find the best options among the many training tanks available, we researched the best models available. We then factored in the price, materials, size availability, range of motion, and additional features like SPF and ventilation. Finally, we looked at over 1,900 reviews, written by people who bought these models on sites like Amazon to settle on these six.

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Most flattering: women

Alo Yoga Women’s Rib Support Tank Top

Sizes: XS-L

This Alo top is fully padded and has a built-in bra. Made from 90% nylon, it’s soft to the touch, but the spandex and ribbing make it flattering and fitted. It’s available in five neutral and earthy color options, and sizes ranging from XS to L.

  • Built-in bra
  • Flattering, stretchy fit
  • Not very size-inclusive
  • Dear

Better ventilation — Women

Outdoor Research Echo Women’s Tank

Sizes: XXS-XL

This top is super light and ideal for hot summer workouts. Whether hiking, running or cross training, this tank top will help you stay cool.

Although ventilated over the entire surface, this tank top is also SPF 15, which helps protect you from long hours in the sun. It comes in eight different colors and has a nice cutout style on the straps that elevates it beyond a typical training tank.

  • Super breathable and ventilated
  • Pretty suspenders
  • SPF does not protect the shoulders where the sun hits the most

The most sustainable: women

Sweaty Betty Energize Training Tank Top

Sizes: XXS-XXL

Many workout clothes negatively contribute to climate change with micro-plastics and unsustainable production. This tank, however, focuses on sustainability by using 95% recycled polyester. It wicks away moisture and offers a feeling of lightness and breathability. There are five color options and this offer includes size, ranging from XXS to XXL.

  • Uses durable materials
  • Neutral colors go with everything

Best Sun Protection — Men

Men’s Outdoor Research Echo Tank

Sizes: S-XXL

This tank top wicks away moisture and is ideal for all activities – running, hiking, lifting, etc. It’s odor resistant and has an SPF 15 along with superior breathability, which helps keep it cool.

Although technically a tank top, it covers the shoulders a bit more than a regular tank top, which helps protect your skin when you spend a lot of time in the sun.

  • SPF protection
  • The wide strap protects the shoulder
  • Super breathable
  • Not the best color options

Most Comfortable — Men

Alo Yoga Men’s Workout Tank Top

Sizes: L-XXL

This yoga shirt is 100% cotton which makes it both super soft and high quality. It will stay a bit cool, but since cotton is not a sweat-wicking material, it will be best suited for activities like yoga, hiking, or a brisk walk where you don’t sweat too much.

  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • Super soft to the touch
  • Not a lot of size options
  • Does not evacuate moisture

Best Overall — Men

Men’s Adidas Heather Tank

Sizes: XS-5X

This classic Adidas top is available in just about any color imaginable and is suitable for a number of different activities. It’s soft and breathable while wicking away moisture, making it ideal for cardio, and its relaxed fit makes it a great option for big moves. It’s also incredibly inclusive, ranging from XS to 5X.

  • Size included
  • Ideal for any activity
  • Not all sizes are available in all colors

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