The North Face Flight Vectiv looks very familiar



In the world of high performance sneakers, HOKA ONE ONE is one of the best players. Its sneakers are typically bulky, with chunky-soled sneakers like the Bondi 6 Low propelling the brand into the mainstream. If all eyes are truly on HOKA, it’s no surprise that The North Face’s Flight Vectiv looks so familiar.

HOKA’s reputation as an industry leader is of course based on more than aesthetics. Each new shoe model the brand launches demonstrates its commitment to pushing boundaries and being at the forefront of the evolution of performance sneaker technology. Its latest version, the Bondi X, combines the renowned comfort of the silhouette with a carbon plate, enhancing every stride of a run, making its fastest shoe even faster.

As impressive as the technology is at the heart of every sneaker, its adoration among fashion enthusiasts can be evidenced by its current and trendy chunky builds. While Salomon has found success using retro colors and narrower, streamlined test racing silhouettes such as the XT-6 and XT-Wings 2, HOKA ONE ONE takes on long-distance running with soles thick that would make the Balenciaga Tripe S.

At first glance, The North Face took notes. The Flight Vectiv shares the mix of low-high, low-heavy and functional construction that you will find among Bondi models. The sneaker is stacked to the brim with technology. A combination of a Pebax plate, SurfaceCTRL handle and VECTIV technology makes it an energy optimization tool on any surface.

Just like a Swiss Army Knife, there is more to it than what you see. They are designed to withstand blows, whatever the weather, thanks to FUTURELIGHT Infinite Reflect, Kevlar, polyamide and Matryx fabrics.

While these can easily pass for the close relative of a HOKA figure, they are equipped with enough tools to stand tall with the best performing sneakers in the industry.

You can buy The North Face Flight Vectiv online.



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