Tim Robinson, Mac DeMarco, Rxk Nephew, & More Parody ‘Stomp’ In Kerwin Frost Adidas Promo: Watch


If you don’t remember stomp, the British show that became a theatrical sensation in the late 90s, go ask your parents or your older cousin or something. The whole phenomenon has a long history, but all you really need to know is that a bunch of people on stage would make a lot of banging noise with brooms and trash can lids and all. Kerwin Frost, a New York-born DJ and comedian and versatile entertainer, clearly remembers stomp. Frost and Adidas have teamed up for a brand new summer fashion line, and to promote it, Frost has brought together a whole bunch of musicians and comedians to parody stomp.

If all of Kerwin Frost’s six-minute Adidas spot has one central star, it’s probably Tim Robinson, the man behind Netflix’s incredible sketch show I think you should leave. He plays the only person who seems to realize that it’s weird to suddenly find yourself in a production of stomp. Robinson plays alongside many musicians, including Mac DeMarco, Rxk Nephew, Teezo Touchdown, Kilo Kish and Justine Skye, as well as Kerwin’s daughter, Waffle Frost. Watch the video below.

According to HypebeastKerwin Frost’s summer 2022 collection will be available on Wednesday Adidas website and at select retailers.


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