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There is a lot to consider when looking for the best soccer cleats, especially as there are a number of different styles designed for different roles and purposes on the pitch.

With Madden 22 now in full swing, you may be inspired to grab an American football and go try your hand at the sport for the first time, or you may just need new shoes for the rest of the season.

We’ve picked a handful of the best crampons available today based on price, reviews, and unique features that we believe make each of these boots stand out from the crowd.

So if you are looking for something designed for speed and acceleration like these adidas Adizero Scorch Cleat, or if you are a lineman and need something with great traction like these Nike Force Savage Pro 2 , we’ve got you covered here. .

Best soccer cleats 2021

Best Football Boots – Nike Vapor Edge Pro 360

Mark: Nike | Equipment: Flyknit | Closing: Phantom lacing

Nike is a global brand that is synonymous with American football, as it supplies the vast majority of sports outfits and equipment.

They also make what is probably one of the most versatile and comfortable pairs of soccer cleats on the market with the Vapor Edge Pro 360.

Designed primarily for speed and agility, these lightweight boots have a wide lug layout to give you immense traction on the court, which should help you achieve revolutionary moves in any position on the court.

In addition to some of the performance features such as the internal foot plate designed for flexibility, the Vapor Edge Pro 360 are also stylish as they are available in a range of colors, and the Ghost lacing system helps keep your feet up. safe while staying hidden for a more elegant look.

Best football boots for speed – adidas Adizero Scorch

Mark: adidas | Equipment: Sprintskin | Closing: Lace up

If you consider yourself a rhythm merchant like Tyreek Hill, then these Adizero Scorch might just be for you.

The Sprintskin upper wraps your foot in a snug fit to eliminate shifting, which is great when you want to start the line quickly and need to avoid slipping when you start.

Additionally, the Razorframe outsole with Sprintstuds should improve your traction, allowing you to easily perform tight turns and high speed swings towards the end zone.

Overall, these cleats are a great option for anyone who uses their speed and agility during a game, for example, if you’re playing as a wide catcher.

Best budget football boots – Nike Vapor Edge Shark

Mark: Nike | Equipment: Synthetic | Closing: Lace up

If you are a newbie to the sport and looking for something relatively inexpensive to get you started, then these Vapor Edge Sharks could be your answer.

These crampons are designed to be versatile and durable with their strong yet lightweight synthetic upper that should fit snugly to your foot, reducing the chance of slipping by increasing your control.

Additionally, Nike has the included Fastflex technology which allows for a superb combination of responsiveness and flexibility which, along with the addition of the aggressive rubber outsole, should help you achieve explosive speed on the grill.

Overall, the Vapor Edge Sharks are a great, affordable crampon option suitable for all field positions and all types of pitch surfaces.

Best Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet – Under Armor Spotlight Franchise RM

Image Credit: Under Armor

Mark: Under Armor | Equipment: Synthetic | Closing: Lace up

If you find that regular soccer cleats are too narrow for your feet, then these RM Spotlight Franchisees should provide you with the extra space you need.

They feature a technical synthetic upper with a screen-printed overlay designed for added durability and structure, which is especially useful if you’re playing defense.

In addition, the full-length EVA midsole has been included for better cushioning underfoot and therefore will likely increase comfort and the ability to absorb shock from high impact crashes.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a high-quality soccer cleat with a little more room for slightly bigger and wider feet, the Spotlight Franchise RM might be your answer.

Best Online Mens Football Boots – Nike Force Savage Pro 2

Mark: Nike | Equipment: Synthetic | Closing: Laces & Strap

Linemen are known for their bursts of speed and quick, twisty movements, so they need a boot that offers fantastic traction with extra ankle stability.

The Force Savage Pro 2 ticks those boxes because it comes with a heavy-duty synthetic upper with a TPU veneer designed to improve mobility and acceleration, which is ideal on the line of scrimmage.

Plus, they come with an extra ankle strap for extra support and stability, helping to keep your feet secure and comfortable as well as reducing the amount of your feet slipping inside the boot.

Overall, these crampons are designed for linemen, and they come in a variety of colors, so they should work with all kinds of color combinations.

Frequently Asked Questions About Soccer Cleats

With so many soccer cleats available, you might be wondering what sets them apart, but don’t worry as we’re here to clear up some of the most common queries.

What is the difference between American football cleats and football boots?

Due to the huge contrast between the two, American football cleats and football boots differ in a number of areas that are crucial to help tailor them to their specific sport.

If you look at our list of the best soccer shoes, you’ll see that soccer shoes tend to be low-cut and don’t include a midsole to help maximize ball control and speed.

American football cleats, on the other hand, can be low, mid, or high fit and tend to have thicker outsoles and a stud near the big toe for extra traction when accelerating from a static position. .

What size soccer cleats should I choose?

The cleats are designed to fit your feet snugly to reduce slippage, but shouldn’t be too tight so you can’t move your toes.

That being said, soccer cleats should be fit for size, but it may be worth it to measure your foot dimensions and compare your readings to a guide or size chart to make sure you choose the correct one. right size for you.

Can crampons make you run faster?

Speed ​​and acceleration are a crucial part of American football, so it’s no surprise that a frequently asked question is whether cleats can make you run faster.

A vast majority of studs are made from lightweight materials to minimize any excess bulk and help protect you on the grill.

Plus, a number of them incorporate additional technology to improve your responsiveness and traction, like the Sprintstuds from Adidas, which is ideal when you’re looking to chase a long pass as a wide receiver.

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