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Adidas Originals and Japanese sneaker boutique Atmos have once again joined forces to release a new edition of the ZX8000 silhouettes, which is brought to life by rare samples from 2012.

The exclusive Atmos x Adidas Originals ZX8000 G-SNK “TJ” sneakers are set to hit shelves on Saturday, May 14, 2022. These soon-to-be-released pairs will retail for $123 each (approximately 16,000 JPY). Grab yours via the Atmos e-commerce site.

Here, “TJ” refers to Till Jagla, who was previously responsible for the energy of the Three Bands and was also responsible for removing this sample from the archives.

Adidas x Atmos TJ Edition Gets Snakeskin

Till Jagla aka TJ, until recently was the king of adidas sneaker collaborations. He spent a long time as the Three Stripes’ energy manager at the brand’s headquarters, where he dug it out of the archives and pushed for its public release.

The sneakers, which launched on May 14, feature a light grey, cyan blue, pink and black construction. Silver pleated toes are highlighted with gray leather on the sides. Besides the toes, the tongue tags are also made using a similar shiny pleated material.

On the side, the basic Adidas three stripes are added in blue and pink which are like icing on the cake. Next to the stripes are the gray laces. Lace liners, which come with a bright yellow bottom, emphasize Torsion cushioning.

5月 14 日 発売 発売 発売 発売 発売 発売 発売 発売 発売 発売 発売 発売 atmos x adidas originals “g-snk collection” → sneakerhack.com/archives/179397 当時 の を を を を を を を を adidas 本社 の アーカイブ から 探し 出し 、 、 マテリアル から カラー まで まで まで まで まで スペック まで まで まで まで まで まで まで まで まで まで まで まで まで まで まで スペック スペック まで まで まで まで スペック スペックにアップデート https://t.co/pyE09WqTFt

The glossy tabs are also adorned with the pink and blue Adidas Originals monogram. Continuing, the medial sides are covered in blue. The snakeskin textured medial and heel are topped with shiny blue leather. To complete the aesthetic of the sneakers, pink hits are also placed on the heel overlays.

Overall, the cyan secondary color is used to enhance the internal linings, tongue branding, midsoles, and heels.

Black detailing is used to accentuate the dubrae and lace sides, as well as the toe. Finally, comfortable blue midsoles and black outsoles complete the shoe.

Adidas reinterprets the Original Superstar with Atmos

Not too long ago, the sportswear juggernaut teamed up with Japanese label and RECOUTURE for their new take on the coveted Superstar SH style.

The Atmos x RECOUTURE x Adidas Originals Superstar SH launched on April 29th. These sneakers were marked at $115 (about 14,500 JPY).

The rugged appearance of the shoe is attributed to the fusion of leathers and suedes. The white backdrop is adorned with a patchwork of neutral suede. Similar neutral tone laces are added to the upper for added accent. The worn-in look of these sneakers has garnered a lot of admiration from sneakerheads.

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