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Italian luxury brand Gucci has collaborated with British skate and wear retailer Palace for a collection of clothing, shoes and accessories. Recently, Gucci’s collaboration juggernaut has taken the fashion world by storm, including its normcore chic collaboration with The North Face, a luxury collection with Balenciaga and a retro sports collaboration with Adidas.

The upcoming collaboration is an experiment, as the two labels launch a collection inspired by youth culture and branded items. The collection will include approximately 70 items and will be available exclusively on the official Gucci Vault e-commerce site and in select physical stores on October 21, 2022.

The next 70 pieces The Gucci x Palace collection will include clothing, accessories and footwear lines

The upcoming 70-piece Gucci x Palace collection featuring clothing, accessories and footwear lines (Image via Gucci Vault)
The upcoming 70-piece Gucci x Palace collection featuring clothing, accessories and footwear lines (Image via Gucci Vault)

The special collaboration between Gucci’s Alessandro Michele and Palace co-founders Gareth Skewis and Lev Tanju is an experience where the two brands’ shared sensibilities blend in a unique way. The collection draws inspiration from the British brand’s archives and Gucci’s unexpected influence on youth culture.

The collaborative collection focuses on the latest streetwear trends. In an official press release, the creative director of Gucci comments on the collaboration with Gareth Skewis and Tanju, whom he has always adored:

“It didn’t happen by chance, but rather by the will of people who shared the same things, heterogeneity, the street, and there really is a bit of everything inside.”

The collection marks the debut of Palace womenswear design. A few pieces of clothing from the collection include:

  1. Leather jacket with embroidery and patches
  2. Leather pants with patches
  3. Shearling jacket with all-over GG embossing
  4. Denim jacket with faux fur details, crystals and studs
  5. Wool jacquard knit bomber jacket with Palace Gucci logo
  6. Baggy jeans with GG-P pattern
  7. Nylon track pants with patches
  8. Nylon track jacket with patches
  9. Canvas mini skirt with lace and crystal
  10. GG-P canvas kilt with square G buckles

Besides clothes, the unique collection of shoes attracts a lot of attention. Collaborative Collection footwear options include:

  1. Horsebit loafer in leather with P charm
  2. Gucci horsebit loafers in GG-P canvas with P charm
  3. Women’s leather sneakers
  4. GG-P Supreme Women’s Sneaker
  5. Women’s web slides with logo

Women’s Palace x Gucci GG-P Supreme trainerRetail: €820 / $980 https://t.co/jyYKRnj7vn

The most prominent shoe in the collection is the Gucci loafer with a ‘P charm’, which was constructed from gold horse bits. The dividers and badges are stamped in a repeating pattern with Gucci’s double G logo and Palace’s Tri-Ferg badge.

Another highlight of the collection is the low-top sneaker style, called ‘GG-P Supreme Women’s Sneaker’, which can be used in two colorways. The first version features Gucci’s iconic Diamante monogram print mixed with the British brand’s patterns.

The second Supreme Women sneaker comes dressed in a pristine white, green and red color scheme, which is a nod to the house colors of Gucci. The sneakers also feature a co-branded nod with the letters “PALACE” and “Gucci” in gold lettering on the upper.

A handful of loafer options elevate the collection with all-black leather and three new colorways including pink, beige and dark brown color palettes. Finally, Gucci flip flops complete the footwear collection.

The collection will be launched on the official Gucci Vault e-commerce site and in selected physical stores in London, Paris, Milan, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Bangkok, among others on October 21, 2022.

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