WNBA star Candace Parker on her continued collaboration with Adidas


Parker’s daughter is well aware of her mother’s ongoing partnership with Adidas and even participated in the creative process herself when she surprised Parker with a pair of bespoke Adidas Exhibit B “Mother’s Day” sneakers in May. “We could have a little shoe designer on our hands,” Parker says of her daughter’s keen eye, “I think [it’s thanks to] she was exposed to so many experiences, which I love as a mother, especially when it comes to shoes and clothes. She has three stripes since she was born, that’s all she knows!

Parker’s relationship with Adidas is often cited as one of the WNBA’s longest running brand partnerships, dating back to when she played high school basketball. “Anytime you’re authentic about who you are and a brand is authentic about who it is, there are certain partnerships that work,” she says. Something Parker also appreciates about Adidas is their attention to detail and versatility, two qualities Parker appreciates on and off the pitch. “Versatility. That’s what I represent with my fashion. I love playing with the lines when it comes to femininity and masculinity,” she says. trying to mix that up. I’ll be wearing suits and bow ties with high heels, and I’ll be wearing a dress with sneakers.” The collection itself is meant to be worn on the court, and Parker even gave fans a sneak peek at the stars of this year wearing his new Exhibit B shoes.


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